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Specialty Stations


A $5.00 per person surcharge applies for station service for groups under 20 guests.

Southwestern Station

Grilled Beef and Chicken
Sautéed Onions & Peppers
Warm Flour Tortillas
Mexican Rice
Black Beans
Tortilla Chips
Plantain Chips
Accompanied by Salsa, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Pico de Gallo, Shredded Cheddar Cheese, and Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese

$12 per person

$75 Chef Attendant Fee Applies

Marrakech Marketplace

Please choose three:

Chicken Kabobs
Vegetable Kabobs
Beef Kabobs
Shrimp Kabobs
Accompanied by Curried Rice Pilaf
Hummus, Feta, Tomatoes, Roasted Red Peppers, Sliced Cucumbers,
Tzatziki Sauce, and Grilled Pita

$13 per person

$75 Chef Attendant Fee Applies

Asian Stir Fry Station

Made to order stir fry with the following selections:

Miso Marinated Tofu

$7 per person

Sesame Peanut Glazed Chicken

$8 per person

Wasabi Beef

$10 per person

Teriyaki Shrimp

$12 per person

Choice of Two

$16 per person

Accompanied by Steamed Vegetable Dumplings prepared in bamboo steamers
Lo Mein Noodles, Steamed Rice, and Asian Vegetables
Served in Chinese Take Out Boxes with Chop Sticks and Fortune Cookies

$75 Chef Attendant Fee Applies

Sushi Station

Sushi menu selections to be determined based on preference

Market Price

Under the Sea

Shrimp, Snow Crab Claws, Raw Oysters, and Raw Midneck Clams

Accompanied by mignonette sauce, cocktail sauce, and grated fresh horseradish
Served with fresh lemon halves

$28 per person

Mashed Potato Martini Bar

Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes and Mashed Peruvian Purple Potatoes

Served in martini glasses

Toppings Bar to include:

Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream,
Whipped Butter, Country Gravy, Bacon Bits, Steamed Broccoli, Tomato Salsa, Gorgonzola Cheese, Jalapeno Peppers, Crispy Onions, and Chives

Garnished with fresh house made potato chips

$8 per person

$75 Chef Attendant Fee Applies

Shrimp Scampi Station

Shrimp Sautéed with Garlic, White Wine, Fresh Lemon, and Herbs

Served with julienne spinach and chopped tomatoes
Rice Pilaf, and Bowtie Pasta

$10 per person

$75 Chef Attendant Fee Applies

Sautéed Crab Cake Station

With Tartar Sauce, Spicy Remoulade, Cocktail Sauce, and Asian Slaw

$12 per person

$75 Chef Attendant Fee Applies

Fresh Fruit Display

Assortment of Seasonal Sliced Fresh Fruits and Berries with Yogurt Dip

$6 per person

Taste of Italy

Please Choose Two Pastas:Spinach Ravioli, Cheese Tortellini, Fontana & Proscuitto filled pasta purses, Penne, Rigatoni, Bowtie, and Linguini

Please Choose Two Sauces:

Marinara, Sun Dried Tomato Cream Sauce,
Vodka Rosa Sauce, Pecorino Romano Cheese Sauce, White Wine Garlic Herb Sauce, Fire Roasted Chipotle Tomato Sauce

Accompanied by Caesar salad & fresh garlic bread

Toppings to include shredded locatelli cheese & crushed red pepper infused olive oil

$9 per person

$75 Chef Attendant Fee Applies

Salad Station

Please Choose Two:

House Salad

featuring field greens & romaine with tomato, cucumber, chick peas, mushrooms, red onion, and aged balsamic vinaigrette

Caesar Salad

Chopped Romaine with Caesar dressing with herbed croutons and asiago cheese

Mandarin Orange Chopped Salad

with arugala, spinach, green leaf lettuce, craisens, candied pecans, and mandarin oranges tossed with orange cranberry vinaigrette and topped with feta cheese

Spinach Salad

with bacon, red onions and honey mustard dressing

Pasta Salad

with Italian vinaigrette, seasonal vegetables, and parmesan cheese

Southwestern Salad

Featuring romaine, beefsteak tomatoes, corn, black beans, red onions, and crunchy tortilla strips with chili lime vinaigrette

Accompanied by rolls and freshly whipped butter

$5 per person

Chilled Fresh Roasted Vegetable Station

Grilled and Roasted zucchini, eggplant, squash, asparagus, artichokes, roasted tomatoes, and roasted red peppers

Fresh Mozzarella marinated in garlic & herb olive oil

Chilled sirloin encrusted in fresh herbs

Marinated yellow and red beefsteak tomatoes

Accompanied by sundried tomato aioli

$10 per person

Chips & Dips Station

Fresh house made potato chips, plantain chips, Peruvian purple potato chips, tortilla chips, apple chips, bagel chips, and won ton chips

Served with the following dips:

Sour Cream and Chive dip
Pico de Gaillo
Herbed Ranch dip
French Onion dip
Salsa Verde

$8 per person

Market Crudité Station

Assortment of Seasonal Vegetables

Accompanied by Bleu Cheese Dip, Roasted Red Pepper Ranch Dip, and French Onion Dip

$5 per person

The Cheese Board

Assortment of Domestic and International Cheeses

Baked Brie with raspberry sauce

Assorted Spiced Nuts

Dried Figs, Dried Apricots, and Dried Dates

Fruit Jam

Selection of Crackers and Sliced French Bread

Garnished with Fresh Fruits

$8 per person

Middle Eastern Station

Hummus, Feta, Tomatoes, Roasted Red Peppers, Sliced Cucumbers,
and Grilled Pita

$6 per person

Salad Bar

Featuring creative salads served cocktail style

Goat Cheese Martini Salad

Spring mix, raspberries, walnuts, and goat cheese with Balsamic Drizzle
Served in a Martini Glass

Caesar Salad On The Rocks

Crisp Romaine, Shaved Parmesan, Garlic Croutons, and Traditional Caesar dressing
Served in a Rocks Glass

Mandarin Margarita Salad

Lo mein noodles, Napa Cabbage, Asian Vegetables, Wonton Crisps, and Mandarin Oranges with Sesame Ginger Dressing
Served in a Margarita Glass

$8 per person

A Walk Down South Street

Create Your Own Cheese Steak Station Featuring:



Vegetarian- Roasted Eggplant, Squash, and Carrots

Served with Cheese steak Rolls

Accompanied by:

Sautéed Peppers, Onions, and Mushrooms
Cheese Whiz
Sliced Provolone Cheese
Sliced American Cheese

French Fries & Onion Rings with Ketchup

Soft Pretzels with Spicy & Yellow Mustard

Assorted Tastykakes

$15 per person

$75 Chef Attendant Fee Applies

Carving Stations

$75 Chef Attendant Fee Applies

Accompanied by herb roasted fingerling potatoes, Chef’s vegetable selection, and petite rolls with whipped butter

Roasted Sirloin with demi glace

$15 per person

Roasted Tenderloin with demi glace

$22 per person

Prime Rib served au jus

$18 per person


With home style gravy, cranberry orange chutney

$10 per person

Roasted Pork Loin with mustard cream sauce

$12 per person

Carved Rack of Lamb with mint jelly and lamb jus

$21 per person

Bruschetta Station

Grilled French bread

With assorted toppings to include:

Roasted yellow and red peppers
Chopped tomatoes with garlic, basil, and onion marinated in balsamic olive oil
Freshly Grated parmesan cheese
Fresh Mozzarella marinated in garlic & herb olive oil
Chilled sirloin encrusted in fresh herbs

With assorted spreads to include white bean, roasted garlic, and artichoke pesto

$8 per person

Open Bar Packages Available Upon Request

by Calling 215-942-6462 or info@steampub.com

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